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What We Do:

We started by hosting a presentation in our area, talking with neighbors about rural stress, and encouraging them to ask their neighbors the right questions when checking in on them.

Photo of group attending a CSU Extension Presentation

We use the COMET model from the High Plains Research Network, to support farmers and ranchers to open up to their friends and neighbors when they are facing hard times.  We offer giveaways through a mobile display that travels to the various locations our committee members work, which feature all of our logos, and our catch phrase, “Do you look after your neighbors as close as your crop or herd?”

COMET (Changing Our Mental and Emotional Trajectory) Logo
High Plains Research Network logo
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The Coffee Break Project came through the interest other rural and frontier communities had in our movement.


We now travel to other communities and states presenting on the formation of our committee, our marketing campaign efforts, how to build successful grassroots rural movements, guidance around red flag legislation and gun safety, Soil Health & Mental Health: Growing Together, as well as the full COMET program.

Our goal is to come together and do what famers and ranchers have always done, and look out for each other.


COMET™ (Changing Our Mental and Emotional Trajectory) teaches people how to intervene when they encounter someone who is in a “vulnerable space” and help shift the person’s mental health trajectory back to a place of wellness instead of proceeding towards a mental health crisis.


COMET™ helps fill a gap and is a strong complement to other strategies to reduce the suffering resulting from the high levels of stress in rural, agricultural communities.

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Find out more by in videos of our members answering questions in a panel discussion about topics that spurred creation of The Coffee Break Project.

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